The “Proxy Bride” | Michelle

The “Proxy Bride” | Michelle


Today, I’m halfway through my Trial and Pre-nup marathon this November. Next month is a sure wedding marathon.

And just when I thought that I knew everything in dealing with overseas couples, to my surprise! Here comes a PROXY BRIDE (Uh-huh! There is… You heard me right!)

If you think having a trial makeup is impossible in the absence of the bride. Well… think again. My recent couple are both based in abroad and unfortunately, it’s just the groom who had the chance to come home here in the Philippines to book their wedding suppliers (and part of that of course is the makeup artist).

Jeff (the groom) called me up scheduling a trial makeup at my makeup studio. And since I knew that it would serve as his final basis in taking my services, I right away agreed to the said appointment. But who would have imagined that he would bring with him a proxy bride.

This is Michelle, sister-in-law of the groom. She represented the bride during our trial with her makeup to be judged by the groom in behalf of his fiancee. Okay.. So what’s the verdict?.. Of course! I got the booking!!! Thanks Michelle for doing this for our dear couple.

Bride Katrina is yet to be discovered. I’m excited!

Learning really never stops.


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