With today’s development in makeup, our mistakes of overplucking our brow hairs can be corrected. We can quickly reshape our brow hairs, fill in uneven patches, and emphasize our arches with a swipe of different products. We are that willing to check various product reviews online, roam the malls, and buy our favorite cosmetics – all for the realization of our brow goals!

Talk about brow goals, one of the most popular option to get your dream eyebrows aside from using cosmetic products is through undergoing semi-permanent makeup treatment, specifically, microblading. People opt for the best eyebrow microblading treatment in Manila to get long-lasting perfect eyebrows without the hassle of using and reapplying cosmetics. A professional aesthetician conducts it by making hair-like incisions on your brows to deposit pigment. Once healed, you’ll have feathery-looking eyebrows effortlessly.

However, professionals in Manila emphasize that no matter how much you spend in getting the best eyebrow microblading treatment, it will all be nonsense if you don’t know how to maintain and prolong its effect. To help you with that, we’ve curated some tips for you to follow. These are the following:

  1. Always select a darker color.

Although semi-permanent makeup lasts for two (2) years, your habits, external environmental factors, and your body reaction may contribute to faster fading. Hence, it is wise to choose a shade darker than your original brow hue to make your desired color last longer. Are you worried that it won’t appear natural on you? Don’t panic; a professional artist is an expert on balancing any irregularity on your brows. Plus, with a wide range of pigment, you can find one that matches your overall preferences!

  1. Do not miss any touch-up session.

Maintenance is the key. After your first eyebrow microblading session in Manila, it is best to go back to your trusted artist after six (6) months for a touch-up. In this appointment, your aesthetician will examine your skin’s reaction to the microblading process and the rate of pigment retention. This will also the best time for your artist to correct any uneven patches, re-color faded parts, and re-emphasize your brow shape methodically to achieve a more natural finish. In some cases (depending on the client), additional treatments may be done such as microdotting and  microshading.

  1. Be dedicated in grooming your brows.

As stated earlier, your habits will hugely affect the rate of microblading pigment retention. Thus, you have to be careful about what you put on your face and your lifestyle. Avoid heavy facial products that may lead to peeling, redness and irritation. Do not exfoliate near your brows. It is also much better to apply sunscreen or petroleum jelly to your microbladed eyebrows to protect it against sun damage. You have to control your fitness routine too, as excessive sweat and oil production can compromise the pigment on your brows.

Getting the best eyebrow microblading treatment in Manila is easy, but prolonging the results requires your commitment, too. Keep those eyebrows on fleek by following these tips and maintaining contact with your trusted artist. Ciao!