Filipinos are a very traditional people. It can be attributed to their high regard for culture and history how they value beliefs and traditions. Even as time has changed and with the influences of the modern times, they are able to retain some of these beliefs. They even acquire new ones as our culture continues to diversify through the help of technology, and foreign influence.

A wedding is probably one of the occasions that is filled with many traditions. And If we will dig for reason, we can see that is it because it is not just a union of two person but it also a union of two families and whatever beliefs that those family holds are being passed on.

For example, it’s a classic belief that weddings are for the brides. It is a given that people should give in to any demands of the bride since she is going on through a huge pile of stress. So if the brides demand to have the top wedding makeup artist in the Philippines in her service then she should have the top wedding makeup artists in the country.

But not every wedding tradition or belief is as logical as the mentioned above. There are some wedding tradition and beliefs that need some reconsideration:

Bachelor’s Parties

How people see bachelor’s parties has changed a lot. Back in the Roman days, men would just gather up to make a toast for their brethren who is entering a new stage in his adult life. Nowadays, with how the media is projecting it, it has become a silly excuse to hire strippers and plan a sexually-driven party.

Some people may be able to justify that the reason they throw bachelor’s party this is way is that is it the last day the groom-to-be will be single so might as well, make the most of it. But the problem with this kind of bachelor party lies on this same reasoning. It makes it look like marriage is such a drag and that marriage is the complete opposite of the single life.

While there is nothing wrong with having fun, maybe we should check if we should be really behaving these parties. After all, people are about to get married.

Giving Away the Bride

To put it, simply the tradition has stemmed way back from the time when brides were being sold to the husbands by their fathers or arranged marriage. The giving away tradition signifies the father passing to the groom the ownership of her daughter.

Over the years, in line with making wedding be mostly for the bride, this meaning has been replaced by something more sentimental and emotional. The father gives away the bride to another man who hopefully will care for her daughter as much as he did so much that a big budget could be allotted to a video documentation same-day edit crew, catering, and even top wedding makeup artists in the Philippines.

We can say the giving away of the bride has been redefined as the times have changed. But this is still something that needs to be reconsidered.

The Groom and Bride Cannot See Each Other Before the Wedding

Back in the days where brides are sold to the grooms, it is a tradition for them not to meet before the wedding and the very first time that they will see each other is at the wedding itself. As weddings under this setup is more seen like a business, it has become a tradition to never let the groom see his bride so that it will never back out in case the groom thinks that she doesn’t find the bride attractive. That’s supposedly why brides wear a veil.

This tradition nowadays has been disregarded by most for practical reason that it is better to take a photo of the groom and the bride before the actual ceremony because they both look fresh.

Some still uphold the tradition and wait at the altar to see what magic the top wedding makeup artist in the Philippines will be able to conjure for the bride. To them, it adds up to the excitement.

Weddings are for the bride. It is just odd to discover that some traditions that we see today as romantic have these kinds of origins. It is a good thing that these have been redefined through the years. But if weddings are really for the bride, then maybe we really should reconsider which tradition should we uphold during the wedding.

And besides, doesn’t the bride deserve only the best?