Have you ever wanted to become a successful makeup artist in Manila? With so many MUAs in the capital, making your own name in the industry can be tough. But it’s not impossible nowadays especially if you possess the following skills needed to see that glimmer of success in this field.


Like a true artist, it is the makeup artist’s job to highlight the beauty of their clients thru their masterful strokes. The face is their canvas and the makeup their tools to create a masterpiece. A successful MUA possesses a creative imagination and a strong visual sense that lets them perceive and visualize the look they want to create. Of course, they must be able to execute this without mistakes.


Aside from creativity, a successful makeup artist in Manila also knows how to make their clients look good not only in front of others but also in front of the camera. How? By gaining technical knowledge of the job, i.e. understanding skin tone, facial contours, makeup products, color theories and other artistic technicalities crucial to their work. They should be an expert on the technical side of the job capable of identifying what makeup products and techniques suit their clients best in a quick glance.

Customer Service

MUAs work with different people every time, and as such, they should be able to communicate with them efficiently and effectively. Collaboration is part of the job, interviewing clients for the looks they want to achieve and how to get it done. Like in any other field, they’ll come across different personalities that they have to deal with, so people skills are crucial to a makeup artist’s success.

Time Management

Makeup is applied before anything else in most events so being punctual is vital if an aspiring MUA wants to succeed in this field. A successful makeup artist in Manila should also be able to assess the time they’ll need to get the job done—from preparing their kit and the actual application to the finishing touches and even down to the retouches. They should be able to do all this perfectly in a limited time.

Being a successful makeup artist in Manila isn’t a walk in the park, but with the right mindset, skills, and an ample time to hone your craft, you can achieve your dream soon. With hard work, you won’t only be known in the capital but also throughout the whole country.