Every Filipino bride wants the perfect wedding. They want to look back someday on the special day knowing that it has been filled with great memories. They want everything to be what they wanted; the food, the venue, the gown, the guest. So they spend excruciating time on planning the whole event. They even sometimes go the distance of building a team consist of top wedding planner they can find, the professional makeup artist in the Philippines, the gown designer that can string you stars, florist with magical powers, a rainbow unicorn, and any one they think that can contribute to the success of the day they finally tie the knot.

As much as brides want their wedding to be perfect, they also want it to be unique. They want it to be different from all the other weddings they’ve been on or weddings that they’ve seen. Sometimes is goes to the extent of choosing the most ridiculous color scheme, location, and theme.  Brides today have graduated from the fairytale era and are into more unique and different wedding theme. They are slowly moving away from the traditional themed weddings and embracing their individuality with themes that totally reflects the groom’s and the bride’s personality but that is just how weddings need to be celebrated, right?

If you are one of those adventurous type of bride who wants to go on something different to achieve both that unique and memorable wedding experience or that totally frustrated one that has ran out of ideas to make your wedding special, you might want to look on these unique wedding ideas that can surely make your wedding one to remember.

Fictional Story Theme is perfect for those couples who fancy fantasy TV series and book series. Spring those characters to life by cosplaying. Playing along to the chosen fictional theme will surely changes the atmosphere and will make it more inviting and fun for the guest. And of course the venue, food, and clothes to wear will revolve on the chosen theme. There are several ways to go on using this theme. You can exhaust your makeup artist by pulling up a zombie apocalypse theme. Or you can even go to the popular TV series such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Some of the biggest movie and book series isn’t a bad idea as well. Hunger Games, Star Wars, and Harry Potter all have its unique appeal and would make a good wedding theme to let out the creativity in a wedding and to celebrate that the union of hearts. See more at Gizmodo.

The nerdy couples can go for a videogame theme. They can re-live the adventure of these games while saying their vows. Think of the possibilities if you use The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Super Mario, or Portal as a wedding theme. You can start by getting creative with your wedding invitations.

We all know that wedding comes with a big responsibility of raising a family through good times and adversities. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good/fun time while doing it.