“It’s the treasure of my life just to spend it by your side; I know I’m ready.” –Found a Heart, Emily Hearn

Walking down the aisle with a big smile and teary eyes, and with your heart stomping so loudly inside is as amazing as how you’ve vividly dreamed of it years ago.

You have your friends, your families, the punctual team of bridal makeup artists (who’ve made you glow like a real and elegant member of the royal family), sweet treats for everyone, and of course, the handsome dear patiently waiting for you: a picture perfect scenario. And with the continuous improvement and evolution of society, wedding ceremonies these days could also be a wonderful day of adventure and uniqueness with its themes. Here are some ideas to cherry up your wedding!

A one day travel adventure for a wedding day.

Hurray! Who says you cannot enjoy and incorporate the love you have for traveling to your wedding day? Couples may integrate their adventurous souls by making passport and vehicle (maybe an airplane, car or train) like paper cut-outs as their wedding invitations. Adding some globes, maps and prominent destinations (to where the couple has been to) in the event’s area may also add emphasis to the significance of traveling in the lives of the couple.

Putting important dates and photos across the aisle may add some nostalgic effect not only for the couple but to the witnesses of their “I Do’s”. In this way, the couple is able to share how they’ve been able to make it up to the very special day. The couple, on the other hand, is able see how far they’ve come. As a twist, map printed paper flowers as the bride’s bouquet instead of the fresh ones is an idea that I just find really cute.

With this theme, couples are able to prove that love is really a journey.

Meet and greet your old and favorite anime character on your wedding day.

Yes! We’re living on the 21st century and it isn’t wrong to welcome marriage with the couple’s favorite thing to do during idle time, even if that is watching anime. Invitations may be done and designed from an old video disk of the couple’s favorite anime. Each table may have an action figure as the centerpiece. Witnesses may cosplay (costume play) and be helped out by a team of makeup artists in the Philippines to achieve the look and guts of their desired character. Flower girls may put on their cute sailor uniforms showering the aisle with glittery star and moon shaped confetti while couple may dressed up and look like Tomoya and Nagisa, or they are Ryuuji and Taiga, exchanging “I Do’s”. There are tons of anime couples out there so go crazy.

It may look like a game and is unlikely to be a wedding theme but shows everyone that love mean to also be having fun.

Wedding day starts of marriage stage of the loving couples. It isn’t just a day that marks out one’s submission to other. “I Do’s” marks of the start of another fun adventure in the couple’s life. The day signifies how the couple has seen their growth within the relationship. The day’s a treasure and a proof that no matter what kind of adventure and people the couple may encounter, they are ready to take the challenge with gratefulness and understanding.

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