Summer wedding in June has always been the typical wedding dream. There are twelve months in a year but June gets its special association to weddings. The reason for this can be traced back in the Roman times. Romans choose the month of June to get married to celebrate a festival in honor of the goddess Juno, Jupiter’s wife and the goddess of marriage and childbirth. But in the modern times, we can blame Bette Davis and Montgomery Clift’s 1984 movie “June Bride” for re-romanticizing the idea of June being an ideal month for marriage. This has set up June as the peak season for marriage. And the USA alone, 10.8% of couples choose June as their wedding month.

But regardless of what the reason may be behind the June weddings, every bride would only want for the best for her wedding. If they think that June is the best month for wedding then they deserve it. Along with the sunny breeze matched up with the scent of freshly bloomed roses; the best wedding venue catered by the best food service provider; the best wedding gown knitted by the best dress-maker; the best bridal makeup artist in Manila; and the best wedding organizer. A bride should always feel good about herself in her wedding.

But let’ face it, more often than not, what’s ideal is not usually the smart choice. Sometimes we tend to get bitten by the ideas of romance and we cannot help but get carried away by its wave and it blinds us with what are the practical solutions. Cause the reality behind every seemingly perfect June wedding: it can get really ritzy.

We’ll there are eleven other months in the calendar. And the following reason may convince you to become or not to become a June bride:

Hotels, resorts, and airfares are a lot cheaper during off-peak season.

In June, there are high chances that the beautiful venues for wedding are already taken. But come the off-peak season and it will be like stealing a candy from a kid. And the best part of it, you can get it for cheaper.

It’ll be different

Every bride wants her wedding to be special. But being confined in the idea of June wedding only gives you a handful of wedding ideas. Choosing any other month other than June will allow you to explore various wedding themes. A change of atmosphere might just be the thing that you need for that special wedding that you want. Ever heard of Christmas weddings? And oh, do you remember that bride who took a plunge in the flooded streets of metro for her wedding picture?

Getting the best people to set up the best wedding

That so-so makeup artist might be fully booked for the whole month of June and may have no time to squeeze you in his schedule. But given any other month of the year, and you might be able to sign up even the best bridal makeup artist in Manila plus a team of the best people for your wedding. And since it is an off season, you might be able to get a few pesos off.