Makeup Workshops

Rea Pinpin’s dedication to enhancing one’s beauty doesn’t stop with the use of brushes. It is an aspiration for her to share her talent and artistry with the people who also love makeup as much as she does. Thus, the birth of Rea Pinpin Makeup Workshops.  Today, she’s living the dream of educating people who are interested and in love with cosmetics.


Rea Pinpin has two types of workshops:

-Personal Makeup Workshop – Basic makeup lessons. Good for beginners.

-Beauty & Bridal Makeup Workshop – Advance makeup lessons. Good for amateurs and professionals.


Rea Pinpin’s artistry and generosity is manifested through the numerous workshops and talks she conducted, the most notable of which are:


-GMA 7

-Rea Pinpin Makeup Studio

-Rea Pinpin Beauty Lounge


Truly, Rea Pinpin doesn’t stop in beautifying faces. To Rea, being able to share her knowledge and expertise in cosmetics is nothing but a pleasure for her.