Not every bride gets the PRIVILEGE to have Rea Pinpin as her makeup artist on her wedding day. While others accepts 2, 3, or even 4 weddings a day, Rea Pinpin accepts only ONE (1) wedding per day in her sincerest desire to be hands-on, personally addressing the needs of her dearest brides. “QUALITY not QUANTITY.” Being in the beauty and wedding industry for years, Rea stands firm to her belief that every bride deserves an UNDIVIDED ATTENTION giving them nothing but the BEST work and service they only DESERVE.

If you book Rea Pinpin you get Rea Pinpin. “No” on-the-day replacements. She values the trust her clients have given her and she “would not” surprise you with a representative that would substitute her work further believing that NO ONE else can.

Rea Pinpin “does not” post BEFORE and AFTER photos of her clients. While releasing before versus after photos stressing the obviously expected contrast between the two is a very good marketing strategy for a makeup artist, Rea Pinpin “would not” put the image of her client at stake. Working as an IMAGE CONSULTANT as well, Rea understands and respects her client’s desire for DISCRETION, for their flaws to be hidden, and for their beauty to be magnified. After all, who would want to be in the internet and social media with their blemishes and skin imperfections highlighted

Rea Pinpin has a “vast team” of widely experienced MAKEUP ARTISTS and HAIRSTYLISTS that can accommodate “not only” your WHOLE ENTOURAGE, but seriously speaking, your ENTIRE CLAN. Say for an example that Bride + 42 Heads during Amor Pauline Chua’s wedding last June 14, 2015 at Century Park Hotel, TEAM REA PINPIN worked “without” a glitch.

While Rea Pinpin is armed with “top-notch education” under her belt, her commendable experience in the beauty industry has been propelling her career in the wedding industry. She has worked with countless CELEBRITIES, BEAUTY QUEENS, well-recognized ARTISTS, PHILANTROPISTS, and even with Philippines’ BUSINESS TYCOONS. But her “deepest passion” to make every BRIDE stand out brought her “upfront” into the limelight of her career as a WEDDING MAKEUP ARTIST most trusted by the FILIPINOS here and ABROAD and even by the CHINESE community in the country.

While having your own Make-up Studio is “not” a requirement in order to be a makeup artist, we have to admit that it provides a “conducive” ambiance well suited to conduct CLIENT MEETINGS and even CLOSED-DOOR TRIAL MAKEUPS. Rea thinks that having her own place would put the client “at ease” providing them the PRIVACY including the LUXURY of TIME to discuss “in detail” all their concerns. Moreover, Rea can be found at the heart of Metro Manila. Her Make-up Studio is in ROXAS BOULEVARD (15 minutes away from the airport and 5 minutes drive from 5-Star Hotels surrounding the area) in which locals from our country including her overseas-based couples find it “easy” to have her located.

Since Rea Pinpin and her Team always arrive at once at the hotel/preparation location using their TEAM’S SERVICE VAN, Rea made sure they’ve got “everything” that they will use. “No need” for the client to worry in preparing for anything as they are FULLY EQUIPPED with all the materials they will require to “assure” a SMOOTH HANDOVER of their services include in that a GRAND SET-UP that would make you feel more like a CELEBRITY on your BIG day.

There are so many words to describe being Professional. But to Rea Pinpin, it’s simply being “entirely” COMMITED to the promises she have made to her clients concerning her work include in that the specific TIMING OF SERVICES she have “guaranteed” to deliver.

In everything Rea Pinpin does especially for her clients, she always “cater” to that word CLASS. Her “distinctive style” of applying makeup, strokes, and choice of color would always lead to an ELEGANT outcome favoring the client. Her personal EXQUISITE taste would always be depicted in her works. On top of that, on the day of your event, Rea Pinpin and her team will surely come to you in PIZZAZZ.

To Rea Pinpin her clients are her LIVING PROOF and their WORD would speak for itself. There are definitely “more” reasons for you to “choose” her but this time she would rather let you “see it for yourself”. Experience Rea Pinpin at her FINEST.

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