As a lady, I had a fair share of understanding how big deal it is to celebrate a debut here in the Philippines. I can still vividly remember how I celebrated my dream debut at The Peninsula Manila. I know exactly how we ladies wanted it to be perfect and grand. We even thought of needing a fairy godmother to make our transformation perfect – from a little girl to a beautiful young lady.


At a young age, I discovered that a fairy godmother comes in the form of a debut makeup artist. And that’s what I do: I am now a debut makeup artist in the Philippines. With brush as a magic wand and talent as my power, I turn my clients into real princesses. Being a professional debut makeup artist in the Philippines, I complement my client’s creativity and satisfy their aesthetics whatever the debut theme is. Whether they are aiming for a barely there, classic, or a dramatic makeup, I always make sure to meet and exceed their expectations. This gallery is a testament to how committed I am on enhancing one’s beauty for them to have the most beautiful debut memory.