Hello, bride-to-be!

Are you looking for bridal beauty trends that you can also apply to yourself on your big day? Luckily, you’re on the right page! We’re giving you five bridal tips, how to recreate them, as well as photos that you and your trusted wedding makeup artist in the Philippines can look over. Let’s start!

Glass Skin: Everything must be light and fresh.

Heavy contouring is out, but glass skin is in. Especially now that the Korean beauty trends are the rise, a lit-from-within glow is what most brides aim for. Brides are now skipping heavy foundation, bronzer powders and sticky concealers in the name of preventing cakey makeup and achieving a dewy-looking skin. A top wedding makeup artist in the Philippines strategically uses moisturizer, serum, highlighter, and mist to hydrate the skin, easily accentuate the frame of the face, and give off a natural-looking luminescent glow.


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Fluffy Brows: Add volume then shape it up.

The thicker the brows, the better. Eyebrows frame your face and can make you look younger when they are thick, wispy and organized. You can get the look by undergoing microblading. But if you don’t want to experience the blades, hiring a professional makeup artist will do. Full and brushed-through brows can be achieved by using an eyebrow tint to add color on your hairs, pencil to fill out sparse areas, powder for a gradient-effect, and brush to groom them up.


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Colored Eye Lines: Flatter but don’t overpower.

Yes, we are welcoming colors instead of the traditional black cat-eyes! Applying a colored liner won’t hurt the bridal look but will bring out additional shimmer to the eyes of the bride. Coral pinks, peacock violet, rose gold, and deep white are some colors worth trying out! They go well in real life and photographs! A single swipe above the lids is enough to wake up the eyes, make a statement, and balance the overall bridal look.


Blurred Lips: Follow your kind of pink, but make it long-lasting.

Lips as soft and fresh like the inside of a rose are what blurred lips are all about! Here, the top wedding makeup artist in the Philippines uses different shades to create smooth transitions between colors to soften the line of the lips, add a little depth, and bring out a fresh glow. The technique is to apply concealer on the lip, add different shades of pink, and smudge the colors. Don’t forget to blot afterward to make sure that the pigments would stick and last for hours.


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Timeless Waves: Not too heavy, not too limp.

Curls give additional hair volume, especially for dry and thin crowning glory. When done right, they make the hair look naturally soft and glam. You don’t need a lot of sticky hairsprays as you’re allowing movement, too. It’s effortless and easy! For additional sparkles, you can also put on a tiara, classic barrettes, or jeweled clips. You can also tie them up or just let them all down depending on your preferences.


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We hope that you look and feel your best on your wedding day with these tips! Contact the top wedding makeup artist in the Philippines today and don’t forget to show photos as a pattern. Better yet, run several look tests before your wedding to ensure you get your ideal bridal look.