When we say that December is the best time to get your eyebrows done, we are dead serious about it. December is not only the holiday season but the month of big sales, too! Take advantage of different promos up in different eyebrow embroidery clinics in the Philippines  and slash thousands off the regular price. Yes, for makeup aficionados like us, there’s nothing better than having long-lasting perfect eyebrows all for a cheaper cost!

Can’t decide which eyebrow treatment you should get? Check our list and find the one that best meets your brow needs!

For Thin Eyebrows

For makeup lovers and actress wannabes like us, having thin brows or no brows at all is something we toil to cover up every single day. It is a struggle, especially the fact that it requires numerous drawings and reapplications of eyebrow pencils, pomades or powder to keep up with the trend and achieve our brow goals. Plus, not all of us can draw precise arches and make them as natural-looking as possible. Fortunately, a more convenient procedure is available in eyebrow embroidery clinics in the Philippines. You probably already know it. It’s eyebrow microblading!

Eyebrow microblading is a treatment that uses an Embopen (a Korean brand that specializes in microblading handheld tools), complete with fine blades designed to make superficial strokes on the brow area. It aims to mimic natural hair and give the illusion of having perfect eyebrows through the use of semi-permanent makeup pigments. Given proper maintenance, results can last up to three years – letting you experience having beautiful eyebrows at any time of the day!


For Thick Brows

Thick brows are very hard to organize, especially if you’re not a pro! They grow fast, come in different directions, and are stubborn to style. What could be more exhausting? Needing to tweeze, wax, or thread them every week. With that, we highly suggest you invest in an eyebrow embroidery treatment called microfeathering. It is your way to that Cara Delevingne or Lily Collins #BrowGoals!

Microfeathering is pretty similar to microblading. However, it isn’t designed to draw several strokes that aren’t originally in your brow area — it’s more just a way to fill in some sparse areas, organize stubborn hairs, and accentuate the natural shape of the brows. It also uses hair-like incisions but only applies a minimal amount of semi-permanent pigment just enough to shape up the brows. The good news is that it is also cheaper than microblading. Besides, the treatment could be finished in less than 30 minutes! A quick fix but with a long-lasting effect!

Cosmetics and technology have evolved big time to let us achieve our #KilayGoals instantly through the process of microblading and microfeathering. This December, seize the chance to end your 2019 with a beautiful set of eyebrows for a lower price and be proud of investing in yourself. You go, girl! Visit your trusted eyebrow embroidery clinic in the Philippines today.